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👋 Hey, I'm Ramsay.
I'm a Data Analyst.

I help businesses turn their data 🔍

into insights 💡 into action 🚀


Here's how I (usually) work with clients

Every project is different, but here's the typical process.

Step 1: We define the problem 🔍

First, we figure out what you need and if I can help. We'll have a conversation—between 30 minutes and an hour. We'll identify your main questions, and see what data is available. Then I'll give you a sense of whether my skill set aligns with your needs.

Outcome: We decide if we should move to Step 2. 

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VR Goggles

Step 2: We identify an approach 💡  

Next, I propose a strategy for solving your problem. I'll give you a detailed, step-by-step guide with all the steps I would take to solve your problem. I'll also give a quote of what I would charge for me to implement it. 

Outcome: A clear roadmap and a cost estimate.

Step 3: We implement it  🚀

If you want to move forward, I'll get my hands dirty and implement the strategy. When I'm done, I'll explain what I did, how to use the result, and how it solves your problem. And I'll explain what your next steps are.

Outcome: You get a solution to your problem—and you understand how to use it.

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With my help, you'll be able to confidently make business decisions based on your data.

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